Mr. and Mrs. Shanin and Mr. and Mrs. Surukuchi
request your gracious presence at the wedding of their children

Katya and Pranava

On Aug 31, Sep 1, & Sep 16

Our story

What an unlikely union, huh? Pranava grew up in a large city of Hyderabad in India, and Katya - in a small town of Sosnovy Bor in Russia. Pranava is a vegetarian; Katya used to consider her meal incomplete without meat. Pranava loves origami and puzzles; Katya - theater and arts. What do we have in common? Physics! (No, for real…)

We met in 2013 in Chicago while studying physics at IIT (not the Indian one). In these past few years, we got 4 degrees (5th in progress) and lived in 5 cities (and visited a dozen more). Katya learned to eat spicy vegetarian food, tolerate cilantro, and acquired limited knowledge of pop culture. Pranava got limited proficiency in Russian swears, but still falls asleep at just about any musical he attends.

Most importantly, together we made lots of wonderful memories and friends. We are happy to (finally) get married and hope you can join us in celebrating this very special occasion!


August 31, Thursday

Pre-wedding events
10AM - 12PM & 6PM - 9PM

Pre-wedding events include several rituals that involve getting the bride and groom ready for a married life. This will be an intimate event with few close family and friends. The rituals will end by lunch time at around noon. Evening will be much more casual with some music and provides the opportunity for the family and friends on either side to hangout and learn more about each other.
Lunch and dinner will be served

September 1, Friday

Wedding ceremony
9:30AM - 13:00PM

This is the main wedding and includes several rituals. The main ceremony (muhurtam) is at 10:52 AM but the rituals start at approximately 9:30 AM and end at 12:30 PM. The wedding will be held at a Hindu temple and the priest will provide brief english descriptions of the rituals.
Breakfast and lunch will be served

Celebration Dinner

September 16, Saturday 4PM - 9PM

This will be a very casual dinner to celebrate our marriage. We will host the event at a vineyard house. The house has a large outdoor area, so you are welcome to bring additional guests. We will serve food and drinks, there will be music and overall a very relaxed atmosphere. We hope to see you there!

How do I get there?

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Wedding and Pre-wedding events

Hindu Cultural Center

96 Chapel St
Stratford, CT 06614

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Celebration Dinner

Vineyard Estate

53953 S River Rd
Clarksburg, CA 95612

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